VGL is an investigative practice and think-tank dedicated to exposing intangible systems and hidden agendas within the built environment.

The lab’s motto claims that ‘to portray reality is a reality of its own’. Its vision aims to prevent the reality of representation from being missed for its representation of reality. Because to instill a debate on how something is being portrayed matters as much as what is being portrayed.

Fig. In Transit

The lab’s methodology articulates design’s potential in the public realm as a medium of proactive problem-identifying rather than reactive problem-solving. It actively engages in advancing design’s capacity as a medium for identifying problems of contemporary culture, technology, and society with work across the spectrum of environmentally concerned research, teaching, consultancy, advisory, and advocacy. As such, the lab associates seemingly antagonist yet mutually enlightening matter by carrying out a threefold scope of projects as input, output, and outlet.

Input is understood as a collaboratory publicity vehicle via which voluntary or sponsored opportunities in form of calls for applications (advisory board members, jury members, correspondents, internships, fellowships, residencies, etc.), calls for submissions (conferences, periodicals, books, etc.), or requests for qualifications and proposals (case study competitions, etc.) are being announced. Output is understood as a professional portfolio of activities such as designing proposals (architectural competitions, commissions, etc.), teaching engagements (studios, seminars, etc.), speaking engagements (lectures, panel discussions, etc.), writing and editing pieces (articles, op-eds, doctoral dissertations, etc.), or curating and convening public programs (events, exhibitions, etc.). Outlet is understood as a non-profit shop via which the lab’s products in print or apparel are being distributed.